Naturally brilliant – micronized colors from nature

Healthy alternatives to conventional products are here to stay. The rise in demand for „better-for-you“ ingredients is noticeable across all food categories. When it comes to food coloring, the big challenge is to develop natural products that offer the same visual appeal as their artificial counterparts.

Our solution: Micronization.

Micronized colors have a significantly smaller particle size than regular color pigments. Consequently, these fine particles provide excellent plating properties as they adhere to others and create a consistent and vibrant look. In other words: Uncolored particles become invisible to the eye. This leads to a more intense and homogenous visual perception.

Are you looking for a solution to create clean-label products without having to compromise on brilliant, vibrant colors? Natural micronized food coloring caters to both and turns out to be a viable alternative to artificial ingredients in food products.

If you want to unlock the power of natural colors and are looking for an experienced manufacturing partner, let’s talk. Get in touch to discuss how we can take your color business to the next level!

PS: And if you are on the hunt for a custom blend, we can achieve virtually infinite shades in our high-tech mixers, covering a broad color spectrum.