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Precise and homogeneous powder blends form the basis of a wide variety of products and are therefore of utmost importance to our customers. For this purpose, Heiss MSP uses vertical single-shaft mixers including chopping rotors with filling volumes of 100 – 1.500 liters. These precision mixers produce superior-quality blends for almost all types of dry bulk materials and can also be used for deagglomeration and de-clumping.

We will gladly blend your challenging products for you!

Mixing unit

Universal vertical mixer for fast and precise mixing of powdery materials with cutting rotor/vortex.

Heiss MSP

Chopping rotors

The cutting rotor blades inside the mixer can be used for deagglomeration and de-clumping.

Dosing line

The high accuracy of gravimetric dosing enables precise conveying and dosing of powdered components.

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Heiss MSP stands for Modern Special Products. But there is much more behind it for you: